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New Song of the Week/Update

Hello all

Got a new song of the week….. someone on fantaji posted it (i cant remember who, if you read this leave me a message here or on fantaji and I will edit this with your name so you can get credit)

I have listened to it (and made friends listen to it) about a dozen times in the last few days. Its awesome.

Posted the first chapter (dont know if i will continue with it or just write a bunch of short stories) of my creative writing. If you like it please leave feedback, I new-ish to the writing thing so could use input.


Story, Chapter 1

A hiss left the miqo’te’s mouth as she swiftly dodged the morbol’s attack, the long slimy green tentacle scoring a deep impact dent into the ground. The creature’s frustration was apparent, despite the lack of any humanoid physical features. Its numerous limbs flayed and smashed the forest’s plant life in every direction; ancient trees showed countless gaping wounds which leaked clear sap. While their younger brothers and sisters lay smashed apart, denied the chance to become testimonies to age like their larger counterparts. The soft, warm, sunlight filtering through the thick canopy above was in stark counterpoint to the life-or-death struggle that was currently taking place under its heat.

The nimble cat-like creature had managed to evade the other creature’s wrath so far as proof its slimy, yellow-green rubber-like flesh was marred with small burn marks. These appeared to be minor victories; the damage appeared superficial and served to only increase its opponent’s aggression. In the battle’s current incarnation there was only one possible end; one that did not sit well with the miqo’te, as she was particularly fond of living.

She knew only a miracle could prevent it; so she had to last as long as possible to give that miracle all the time it needed to arrive.

Foam sprayed from the other creature’s enormous, cavernous mouth filled with sharp, needle-like teeth. Teeth, those were as long as the miqo’te’s arm, which stood in three rows, waiting to puncture her body and release the life-giving blood held within. A task they appeared to be more than apt for. She found it funny, though, how much the creature resembled a giant sunflower; vastly mutated and grotesque but a sunflower nevertheless. If sunflowers had mouths instead of seeds, two giant eyes on stalks coming out the top and long tentacles it used to walk around and crush miqo’te with.

Another quick leap and roll prolonged her precious life once again; all to the sound of stormless thunder. Rolling into a crouching position, she pulled out her weather-beaten, travel-sore wand and let fly a magical dart; its semi-translucent glow streaking through the air and striking one of the eyeballs-on-stalks. A sound so unhumanoid, that the miqo’te would never be able to describe it beyond the words “spine-shivering”, poured out of the monster’s gaping mouth. Bright yellow ooze leaked from a singed hole in the eye; mixing with its natural off-white colour to create a chalky colour.

Think my chances of surviving all of this has just gone from nil to snowballs-chance-in-a-volcano, the miqo’te thought to herself. The scared miqo’te used the morbol’s momentary rage-induced blindness to dive behind a heavily-wounded, ancient oak tree. Crouching behind the giant tree, she tried to catch her breathe; attempting to bring her racing heart-rate under control and calm the hyperactive nerves throughout her body.

The carnage being caused by the morbol behind her sounded intense; the beast’s fury at the damage to its eye seemed to only be increasing and the forest was paying dearly for the insolence. The sound of branches snapping and crashing to the ground filled in the silence between the thundering of full-grown trees being uprooted and tossed around like toothpicks. Quite a few of those thunderings sang out from her current bodyguard, as its brothers and sisters met with violent collisions. She knew her hiding place would not be safer for much longer; the time her miracle had to show its face was quickly drawing to an end, and with it, her life.

Taking a deep breathe, she tried to calm herself one last time before her struggle against the morbol kicked into round two. She knew in order to come out alive she would have to be clear-headed and more nimble now so than at any other time in her life. Her considerable courage had been tested and punished in this encounter, more so than in any other point in her short but considerably difficult existence. She had been through a lot and she would be damned if she let some overgrown weed end it all. No, she wasn’t ready to die. Not like this. Not now.

As her determination finally gave her the strength to calm herself, the tree behind her shook with a terrible crash; a down-pour of leaves rained upon her. She knew it was time to go; the morbol had found her. With a final deep breathe, she dashed out of her mound of leaves and made for the deeper foliage, hoping it would cover her escape. She drew every molecule of speed and agility she could from her heavily fatigued muscles, dodging behind bushes and trees, anything she could to hide herself from the beast’s limited vision. A small spark of hope grew within her, if she could hide herself well enough, it might not find her and she could escape. The forest she was in, called the Black Shroud by some, and was huge; covering thousands and thousands of yalms in every direction. If she could lose the monster now, she could escape to some corner of it and hide.

Moments passed and all she could hear was the sound of her own blood pounding in her ears and the whisper of the leaves as she ran through the foliage. Her small spark of hope died, extinguished like a lit candle in a rainstorm, as the ground under her feet shook and the thundering pursuit of the morbol crashing through the forest in her direction came to her ears. Losing all pretense of stealth, the miqo’te poured on all the speed she could; knowing deep down inside that it was all pointless. The creature was already gaining on her; covering the small lead she had gained on it in no time. The cover she had hoped to use to her advantage was now a hindrance; it slowed her down as she had to weave in-between trees and large bushes, obstacles that proved no difficulty to the enormous bulk of the beast. She could feel the air swirl around her, blowing her hair into her face, as the creature’s tentacles whipped out at her. Only quick, cat-like reflexes and dumb luck kept them from finding purchase; but that would only last so long. The time for her miracle had come and gone; now only the time for the gruesome and bloody death that awaited her was ahead.

It’s a shame, she thought as the monster continued to close its prey. There is so much I wanted to do, so many wonders around this great world I had wanted to experience. But my greatest regret will be all the necks that I will not be able to slit; all the people who deserve to taste my dagger’s blade across their throats. The retribution I owe them from the lives they have ruined. The vengeance all those voices call out for, that I was to deliver for those who no longer can. That is my greatest regret, my only true regret.

The pain that flew through her body as she struck the tree; ending her sudden and unplanned flight, was unbelievable. Only a lucky last-minute twist had saved her from breaking her neck on impact. It seemed one of those tentacles had finally closed the gap and found its target. Blackness began to creep in from the edges of her vision, telling her that her grasp on consciousness was beginning to slip. Well, at least I won’t be awake for the eating, she thought. The monster’s approach slowed, though the sound was softer, as if a large swath of cotton had been wrapped around her ears. She had obviously not bought the miracle enough time; if only she had been able to escape a little more, she might have been able to get herself out. So this is how it ends, she thought, another meal for an overgrown sunflower. The blackness had overtaken all her senses and her consciousness was almost gone, when she heard, through the thousands of layers of cotton, “Attack, quickly, she does not have any time left”.

And with that, the world was black.


A friend showed me this and I had to post it on my blog…… it really made me think about the way i speak and how I come across in conversations with other people.  Many of you are just starting to get to know me; so you are forgiven if you have not noticed this fact about me yet, but I have strong beliefs and opinions which I have no hesitation in defending or discussing (depending on the other people involved.)  While I respect other people’s opinions, I also will do my best to point out flaws or incorrect facts in other people’s opinions.  This may seem harsh to those who don’t know me very well, but it stems from a deeply in-laid personal flaw I have….. I can’t stand ignorance or people using incorrect information to spread false beliefs.  That may seem pig-headed and wrong of me, but its who i am and of all the flaws a person in this world can have, I am ok with mine.

So personal ramblings aside here is the link….. please watch it and give it serious thought…..


Crafting Info by “Ask the Devs”

So, as I plan to level a lot of crafting jobs, I decided to go through all the Ask the Devs and condense all the information they had on crafting. After reading through it, I thought it might be useful for other people so i decided to cut it into a blog. Here it is: (all of this is directly cut from the Ask the Devs, anything in {} is my only words, usually just to clarify something bc the sentence did not make sense as I cut it)


When the glow is white, the synthesis is at its most stable, and the chances of success are high.
Most stable when this light is white {when discussing how to stop an element when it has become unstable}.

When the glow takes on a color, however, the chances of success are low. Players seeking simple completion of their synthesis rather than high-quality results should attempt to use the Wait command when the indicator is colored to restore the stability of the synthesis before finishing it.

Red: Though synthesis actions carried out while the colored circle graphic is red suffer a reduced rate of success, they often serve to increase the quality of the synthesis.

Players seeking simple completion of their synthesis rather than high-quality results should attempt to use the Wait command when the indicator is colored to restore the stability of the synthesis before finishing it.

High-Quality Ingredients:
These values {+1, +2, +3} represent bonuses applied to the durability and quality of a synthesis when it is first begun. Unlike increases to quality made during the crafting process, this initial bonus has no bearing on the degree of difficulty of the synthesis. Such bonus materials therefore increase a player’s chances at synthesizing high-quality items, without increasing the difficulty of the synthesis.

High-Quality Items {finished products}:
In addition, the successful execution of consecutive actions also serves to increase quality. Ultimately, the higher the quality of the synthesis process, the more likely it is to yield a high-quality result.

Main-hand Tool:
For instance, a successful synthesis with a main hand tool may result in a +1 or +2 item {finished product}

Off-hand Tool:
The result obtained with an off hand tool may be a higher yield of regular quality items {Finished product}.

Obtaining Crystals:
Other than looting fresh corpses, crystals can also be obtained through gathering
Location is another factor to consider, as some places will yield more of certain crystal types than others
For Disciples of the Land, allotting elemental bonus points to a certain element will result in a greater likelihood of procuring crystals of that type

Unstable elements
{Factors that influence unstable elements}
• The element has a chance of becoming unstable whenever any step of the synthesis process ends in failure
• At its most susceptible when the glowing light representing the craft is colored
• At its most stable when this light is white
• Additionally, the chances of an element becoming unstable increase as a synthesis attempt nears completion
• Naturally, the element which becomes unstable is determined by the type of crystal or shard being used

When an element of a synthesis becomes unstable, the following effects take place respectively:
• Lightning: Progress greatly reduced
• Wind: Durability consumption greatly increased
• Fire: Quality greatly reduced
• Ice: Progress reduced, chance of aetherial sparks reduced
• Earth: Durability consumption increased, chance of aetherial sparks increased
• Water: Quality reduced, chance of aetherial sparks increased

New Song of the week/Info

Hello all,

its a new week and that means NEW SONG OF THE WEEK!

this one is a group some of you may know called the Black Mages. The song is called Battle Scenes. Its a great song, give it a listen.

And I have a new blog in the works, called The Self-sustained Man (or cat-lady)….. should be up soon

My Goal

So i thought about writing a big post about my goals for FFXIV but then i realized….. reading sux, so lets make a picture! (actually two)



My goal, i think as of right now, is to become a completely self-sustained player; ie to farm, gather, craft and sell all my own stuff….. I plan to level/rank every craft (except cooking, i was a level 100 cook on FFXI and i never want to cook again), to level/rank both mining and botany, I am not sure about fishing; my inventory/retainer are always currently 75+ bc of gathering/crafting and I dont know i will have room for all those fish. I then plan to level a DoM or DoW job…. but im not sure which….. I’m kinda debating just leveling them all to 20 and then by then hopefully the new jobs will be released and something will really grab my attention.

I’m hoping to meet my current goal within the next few days….. until then I’m going to

Sorry all

hey all,

i’ve been sick for the last few days,  so no new posts lately, but i have a few ideas in mind and as soon as im better im gonna pound out quite a few posts so bare w me

i posted a new song of the week….. Radioactive by Kings of Leon, its off their new CD, im really enjoying, hope you do too